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Good bye LJ
It's time to say good-bye to Livejournal. This has been my trusted diary for the past eight years but I will be moving on to blog at

I feel that it's about time I have a blog with my own domain name and Wordpress is also much much easy to use. Bye bye LJ.

Say Hello to Scribbles from Malcolm Sunny!

Chef Sunny's Tuesday Special

Following last week's success at creating our own healthy lunch in office, the Super Duper Four has proven once again that lunch can be gastronomic and economic friendly!

So myself and three other colleagues (Ruby, Fulvia and Nuha) have been talking about making our own healthy lunch in office. Of cos, this conversation usually comes after our usual weekly dose of Mos Burger or MacDonald's. And finally, last week we attempted to make our own stay-in lunch at our office's pantry. 

Last week's set lunch includes
Soup: Campbell's Cream of Corn 
Main Course: Green Salad Sprinkled with Special Thousand Island Sauce accompanied with Home-baked Croutons
Dessert: Ultra Sweet Seedless Grapes with Air-flown Blueberries
Drink: Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice

But we relieved that although we felt full after our meal, the lack of starch in our diet caused us to go hungry after an hour. By 3 p.m. we were munching on snacks to fill the void of our stomach. 

Today's lunch was carefully planned for. We went to the Suntec Carrefour yesterday to get our ingredients. 

Chef Sunny's Tuesday Special includes:
Appetizer: Mini Crackers top with Cheese and Cherry Tomato
Main Course: Super Duper Pepperoni Sandwich with Special Cheese
Dessert: Fresh and Chilled Banana
Drink: Nectar Fruit Juice

We did a Subway style sandwich today. Slapped the cheese and pepperonis onto the bread to microwave for 30s. Then filled the toast with a large serving of vegetables with our special thousand island sauce. The secret to this yummy sandwich is the special cheese I chose (if you want to know what it is, you have to leave a comment below and I shall tell you).

I was too busy directing my "kitchen assistants" in the pantry that I have no time to take more pics. It was really fun making lunch and bonding with your colleagues once in a while. :)  

Sentosa turns 40
Come play at Sentosa as Asia's Favorite Playground turns 40! 

Sentosa is like an auntie who I seldom meet but once in a while I'll visit her, and this time, not once but twice within the same week. 

We took some time off work on Friday on a learning journey to The Singapore Cable Car company. The Mount Faber Leisure Group has recently launched the World's First Angry Birds Cable Car. It was a wholesome experience all the way from the time you purchase your tickets at their Harbourfront ticketing counter to the jingle and plushie inside the cable car to the interactive iPad games, fringe activities and photo-opportunity spots at Mount Faber! 

Look, I brought my own Angry Birds tissue pack from Watson's to pose with the Angry Bird theme cable car!

We took a cab to up the hill and boarded the cable car from Mount Faber side. For those who finds it unnecessary to spend on taxi fare, I strongly advise to alight at Harbourfront MRT Station, get your tickets from Habourfront side and board the cable cars from there.  

IMG_8036 IMG_8037
There are fringe activity booths at Mount Faber, the young and young at hearts can make Angry Bird handicraft like masks, nail arts, paint some Angry Bird eggs or try their hands on the real life catapult. Weekends are really packed with locals. For weekdays, there are time slots for these activities.

IMG_8047 IMG_8049 
Angry Birds Jewel Cardholders get priority boarding. Well, I got my VIP treatment too. I really love how they decorated their Harbourfront Ticketing counter with the Green Pigs. Oinkz!

IMG_8048 IMG_8066
Besides the floor stickers at their ticketing counter, I also love that they have a Night Riders package. And they are having a promotion now, $39 per couple & third person at $13 (save 44%). Includes round trip tickets, plus popcorn and mocktail in a collectible cup. 

IMG_8039 IMG_8042
30 of their 50+ cable cars are wrapped with the Angry Bird characters. Inside the car, you will be able to watch the jingle on how the Angry Birds landed in Mount Faber. Also, there is a super big plushie inside each Angry Bird car. I've checked the retail price of that giant plushie, the soft toy costs $99.90. I gave it a few hugs before I got off the car! 

IMG_8044 IMG_8040
It was a pleasant ride and the view from the top was amazing. You can see Resorts World Sentosa and the rest of the Sentosa Island, plus Reflections by Keppel Bay and even the people inside the Star Cruise ships. 

IMG_8045 IMG_8046

We went for a quick lunch at the crowded mall before heading back to office.. 

I received an invite from OMY.SG to attend Singapore Twitter Frenzy Awards. It was my first time at a social media event and I was glad to bump into Christina (Huneyz World) there. And also making new friends with Jeremy (jer-uh-mee) and Chiro (Charmastic Chiro). Jeremy and Chiro each won one of the SGTweetFrenzy competition and William Tan won the other award. And of cos, other famous bloggers were there as well. I spotted Hpility and Calvin Timo in the crowd.

IMG_8068 IMG_8067

IMG_8069 IMG_8075
Performing for the event was this awesome local indie singer, Shimona Kee. You should really check out her YouTube videos and better still, support our local talents by downloading her songs or buying her CD. 

Eat, Pray, Love (Singapore version)
Lost a book, lost our way and got a bump. But these don't stop the dodos from having fun. 

[The "dodos" is a nickname we use since secondary school. Back in the #IRC days, I used a pseudonym "CuteDodo" and it got stuck with me since then.]

They said when life throws lemons at you, you make lemonade out of them. And that's exactly what happened yesterday. Originally we plan to have a swim and spend the rest of the sunshine day around Punggol Waterway viewing sunset with a beer on hand, however we decided to go with the flow instead. 

CJ came to pick up us. By 3 p.m. we were three hungry souls en route to Changi City Point for our late lunch. On the way there, we missed a turn, being a Smart Alec I suggested making an illegal U-turn - it was a bad move as I had forgotten my dear friend had not driven for a year, naturally, we mount the curb scratching the rental car in the process.

We felt much happier after lunch.

IMG_7998  IMG_7999

We were also very glad that Spiderman was making his tour around the Frasers Centrepoint Malls and we were honoured to be able to attend his meet & greet session at Changi City Point. My friend was very excited to get up close and personal and she was very excited to spot the obvious bulge of my favorite superhero. O.o|ll (Speechless much)

IMG_7989  IMG_7991

Next stop, onward to a temple in Tanjong Pager. We missed our exit from PIE, so we decided to turn into Toa Payoh and drove to Lian Shan Shuang Lin Temple instead. Yesterday, being a full moon, we went to pray to Yue Lao or 月下老人 - the god of marriage and love, with a heart full of hope that he would help bring us closer to our future other half. 

With our love life entrusted onto the hands of the cupid of the east, we drove down south to the Asia's Favorite Playground - the island of Sentosa. Celebrating her 40th birthday this year, Sentosa has managed to revamp and remake herself every several years to come out with new attractions and entertainment. 

We found a quiet pizza bistro tucked at a corner of Siloso Beach right now to Shangri-La's Rasa Sentosa Resort. Our meal of Caoona, Heinken and seafood pizza filled with salmon, mussels and prawn was more than $50 so it entitled us to complimentary parking at Rasa Sentosa Resort. 

It's been a long time since I had the chance to relax by the artificial beach of Siloso. At sunset, the sky turned into a romantic purple stretch. How I wish Yue Lao had granted my wish already!

IMG_7994  IMG_7995

It was at this romantic moment that we realised that we had left our book at the eatery where we had our lunch. 

Determined to end the night on a sweet note, we headed west to The Daily Scoop at Clement Arcade for our dessert.

Life is full of twists and surprises. After we had parked along Sunset Way. the car key was stuck to our rented car. Our twist and turn made no valid, after 10 minutes of failed attempt, our car was auto-locked. Honestly we felt really lost.

Then amazingly we tried one more time and we managed to retrieve the keys and reverse the auto-locked. Dessert was extremely sweeter after the whole episode. We rewarded ourselves with two scoops of ice-cream each. My choice was Lychee Martini and Salty Mr Brown. 

Tired but satisfied, we drove eastwards for a restful night. 

Breakfast for four

I woke up at 7 am. The weather was cooling and the sky was dark. Turning on my MacBook, I attempted to scribble a few words for my overdue assignment. In fact of now, I would have 20 marks deducted already. 

But hey, life is not always about chasing scores. What good will it be if I turned myself into a bookworm? I am a butterfly and I have always belong to the colourful world of living my life to the fullest.

Today is Muffin and Biscotti Day. A friend of mine has recently set up a blog shop sells yummy biscotti. I highly recommend you to sample the original with almond inside. It's awesome, you can check it out here.

The other friend of mine owns Froz Bakery, which I have been a fan of his muffins, brownies and cheesecakes since the first time I tried them. 

Both bakeries believe in healthy cooking. The muffins are low in sugar and butter and the biscotti butter and oil-free. Being a natural networker, I see it upon my duty to link the two up for collaborations. 

So hence, I sit at the coffeeshop absorbing in their conversations from packaging to ingredients to what type of ovens to use. It is fascinating listening to three passionate bakers (my friend brings along her bf cum business partner) talking where to get the cheapest supplies without compromising on food quality. 

Honestly, deep down inside. I am both envious and jealous. I wish I can be as passionate about food manufacturing and selling as much as them. But I know my calling is not in F&B. At least, not at the moment in time. 

It's been a tough week (again), but for the good reasons. I am on the final leg of my assignments and I can take a breather next weekend before I gear up for my end-of-course assessment and exam paper. 

Things at work is getting more optimistic. I am recently transferred to the marketing department to develop products for the domestic markets. A lot more responsibilities now and much more opportunities to interact with my Senior Director and CEO. In fact with just 3 days into the job, the relationship has turned 180 degrees. I am the comeback kid - once invisible but now the new face for ideas.

I spent last night chatting with colleagues to unwind after a hard week's work. Hence I am still unable to complete my assignments. Honestly I am worried about my grades for this semester. It's been difficult balancing my work commitments and part-time studies. 

But I often told myself - In 20 years time, I will be regretting doing the things I didn't do then the things I have done. For me, family and friends come first. Work and studies are secondary. 

We ended today's breakfast with both muffins and biscotti agreeing to leverage on each other strength for growth. That's what make my life happy - to see other's cheery. 

It Gets Better
No one told me that it's going to be so tough. Most people - friends, acquaintances, associates only encouraged and remind me that with proper time management I can do it.

The three weeks prior to today had been difficult. I did not ought for this. How would I know that they would include a strategic management module as part of my communication course requirement? 

I am not good with management modules. I am an artist, not a businessman. If I were a businessman, I would be an entrepreneur by now. But instead, I chose to lead a carefree life.

To add fuel to the fire, situation at work has not been that smooth. And to top it up, I fell sick. Or rather, I suspect I became ill because of the pressure from my school assignments and work commitments. 

"When the sky is the darkest, you can see the stars."

There is light at the end of the tunnel. That's what I told myself. Bite the bullet. Keep calm and carry on. I had late submission for all three assignments, but I reminded myself that it's better late than never. I just have to work harder at other assignments to make up for the grades.

On Friday, my superior at work broke the news to me. I will soon be transferring to another portfolio doing a different job scope. It will be challenging and interesting. In everything is firm, I shall keep mum. 

My fortune reading says it's a good year for me, I certain hope so. And I wish the same for all who have been supporting me.

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Give yourself some love

When is the last time you give yourself some self-love?

I can't remember.

Recently, stress and despair have overshadowed me. I had a rough week working through my school assignments with consecutively deadlines leaving me without much space for breather.

Enter the weekend and I had a good brunch with CJ, followed by movie and sunset by the beach before catching up with my HK friends at Lau Pa Sat for dinner.

This week is filled up with the demands at work and catching the flu bug and down with cold just makes it worst.

I keep thinking about my plans after November - regarding the work & travel to NZ. And today I check out Emirates & Qatar Airlines cabin crew recruitment again. My hope is to escape.

I seemed to have a pattern to run away when the pressure gets tougher. But more often, I won't stand on to fight the war though I don't enjoy it. Then beat myself up for staying put the situation.

Running away is always easy.

What does all these have to do with self-love? Honestly I don't know. What I do want to remind myself is to "live in the presence" and "dream for the future".

Give myself self-love and acknowledge that life is not easy. Not in the past, not now and certainly who would gurantee smooth sailing for the future?

Love yourself no matter how tough life treats you. Cos if you don't, who will?

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I'll pay for motivation & encourgement
Damn, the title of this blog sounds desperate. 

Alright, I promise myself I will bitch it out in this entry, get whatever is bothering me in my system out and really go on to do my assignments.

Let's face it, I have been living in the future. Or rather the prospect of what my future holds. I have been thinking what I should do after this year, what I will be doing after graduation, will I be rich, will I marry, etc.. 


Instead, I should really not spend so much time on Facebook and Twitter. But rather reading my online course materials through BlackBoard and doing my Discussion Board assignments and TMAs. 

On a separate note, through a work engagement I met up with several bloggers on Friday and enjoyed ourselves inside the capsule learning how to make Singapore Slings. This triggers another thought if I should convert this existing blog into a lifestyle blog to get more viewership. After much struggling, I decided to let it be status quo. After all, over all these years, this has been my life journal to chronicle my ups and downs in my life. And I do have a secondary blog which is NSFW hence I try to keep both sites separate. Right now, I am not sure what direction I should bring the other blog to but I promise to invest more time and energy after my degree.

Yes, after my degree. In fact I have been promising myself things and more things I will commit to after I finished my part-time studies. Blogging, photography, travel, learning Japanese, getting fit are some of activities I promise myself. 

Guess I need to live in the NOW and not the NOW WHAT. 

Ok, I need to run to the toilet. Nature calls. And back to my assignments. 

Lesson from waiting for a taxi
There are many paths and many choices in life. Each will determine where we will go and eventually shape who we become. 

That was my thought waiting for taxi after 15 minutes. Initially I plan to attend my Unitarian-Universalist (UU) group meeting today. It's one of those rare weekends since I started work with this company that I can attend such meeting. Hence I turned down a friend's request to go cycling at East Coast Park.

I woke up at 5.30 am feeling restless. After working online videos, I went back to sleep at 7am, deciding to skip my UU group meeting. My body woke me up at 10am and I thought that if I rush I may be able to make it for my meeting after all. I do miss my friends and support group. 

Hence, I was waiting for the taxi along the road. After 15 minutes, I knew I will be terribly late and made up my mind not to go. Called up that friend who wants to cycling. She was awaken by my call. Just as she was deciding if she wants to meet, a cab with no passengers pullover. In that instant I had to decide should I want to baster this friend whom I had woken up or to rush down for my meeting. I chose the former. 

Did I mention that it was dizzying when I was waiting for the taxi? Hence should I have agreed to go cycling in the first place it would also not be possible. Life is funny. Sometimes we make bad choices but we still end up at square one.  

All in a day
When we are upset, more often than not, it is ourselves and our feeling to the situation, rather than the actual situation or person that makes us unhappy. This is my brain telling my heart what to do. But tonight, the heart overrules. 

I just need to get this out of my system. So bear with me. 

I probably had a more enjoyable conversation with my supposed date's friends than with him. As much as I can recall, me and him didn't even talk during the past 1 hour.

The easy thing to do is to label him as "boring, low EQ" and move on. Next.

On the flip side, maybe he was shy. But his other actions kinda confirmed him on the "Next" box.

Not a good day. In fact, it's not the best period of my life now. It's not bad, just that it's not good.

Work is getting more stressful and busier. Much of it devoted to petty office politics. Another reason that I am not happy with work is that fact that instead of spending money and enjoying this festive.. I am working on most Saturday, Sunday and public holiday. Yes, such is the life of an event manager. 

Well, enough of all these negative stuff. I did have a great time last night and this morning with the Dodos. No disturbance or work calls this morning. We had a birthday surprise for a friend. Spent the rest of the night on my hand-made sangria, drunken gummi bears, Brown Brothers Rosa Moscato, lychee Martini cake, Remy Martin Cognac chocolate, Cointreau chocolate, sushi, cheese and Sex & The City DVD. 

Not a bad day but I expect it to be better. Guess I need to remind myself that when we live in the future, we don't appreciate the present. 

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